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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

“SoS”, The Easiest way to create your Mobile Padel Courts: Anywhere and without Red Tape

Not all padel court installations are the same, and every project may vary depending on the country and its regulations governing building permits, depending on the use to be made of the padel court, to the specific location where it will be born. One solution that gets everyone to agree, however, is there: they are the mobile padel courts or portable padel courts, found in the catalogs of now most companies in the industry to offer more flexibility to their clients.

Advantages of mobile padel courts

This solution represents a twofold advantage:

  1. For permanent solutions: it allows avoiding much of the bureaucracy related to installation permits (which in some countries or municipalities can become quite long and difficult to manage)
  2. For temporary solutions: it allows to install padel courts anywhere proving decisive for events, fairs, tournaments, etc…

Advantages of mobile padel courts

Among all the companies producing padel courts, in today’s article we would like to talk about one in particular that has always put innovation at the forefront of its mission in this sector and has been able to come up with an unprecedented solution for mobile courts as well.

We are talking about NXPadel, an Italian manufacturer of Fiberglass Padel Courts that has been able to unquestionably distinguish itself thanks to revolutionary and never-before-seen materials, products and technologies including the Fiberglass structure,  ComfortGlass and ZeroS mat.

It is good to start by saying that all three of these components promote easier, faster, and more optimized installation due to their light weight, easy handling, and due to the attached technologies that allow for intuitive and smart installation. Let’s check it out!

Physical Features:

Fiberglass: lightweight, easy handling, rust-proof
ComfortGlass: lightness, handling, safety
ZeroS: lightweight, sand-free

Technical Features:

Fiberglass: Click&Fix, Rail System
ComfortGlass: Rail System
ZeroS: SoS System

But what does NXPadel’s idea for its Mobile Fiberglass Padel Courts consist of?

Again, the Italian company did not want to give up strength, and its mobile courts are tested according to the Official Eurocodes to withstand winds of up to 130km/h, just like their traditional courts.

All this, thanks to a special system of 6 black galvanized metal plates placed on both two long sides of the structure. Each is superimposed by a 336kg counterweight so that all parameters are met and all forces involved are balanced.

The counterweight system, can be covered by customizable benches, ensuring aesthetics and functionality at the same time.

What about the concrete slab? And what is the SoS?

In replacement of the concrete slab, which (when it is needed) is what lengthens the bureaucracies associated with building permits, NXPadel uses sandblasted concrete blocks, which ensure an even and smooth bounce of the ball.

This brings us to the most interesting aspect of the issue: the installation of the ZeroS mat via SoS (stick-on system). What is it all about?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that ZeroS is a product that in itself, is very well suited for mobile courts since, being sandless it weighs less and is easier to uninstall and install again in another location.

For mobile courts, ZeroS is arranged not in rolls but in 2×1 plates, with the white stripes already painted with a special glue mixture that does not alter the ball’s bounce. The ZeroS plates are assembled together like a big puzzle and are glued on the floor through the SoS (Stick-on System): it includes a special stick-on glue that allows the carpet plates to be attached and detached very quickly without leaving any residue but at the same time guaranteeing great stability of the turf once on the ground.

With this special system, NXPadel has once again emerged as a game-changer in this industry, bringing to the market an unprecedented installation system that is crucial for Mobile Padel Courts.

And if you were among those who want something even more exclusive for your Mobile courts, let us remind you that NXPadel Selection, their special limited-edition collection of padel courts, is also available in a mobile version, but beware because it is available in a run of only 10 numbered copies for each of the three models.

So, mobile padel courts, can be really decisive for your project, and when there are products and technologies that can simplify the whole process even more, it will be even easier to make the right choice!

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