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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

MejorSet: discover how is the official court of Premier Padel

Premier Padel has debuted in 2024 as the first reference of world padel after the disappearance of the World Padel Tour. The Qatari circuit came to the sport with the intention of internationalising it and taking it to the next level through a series of innovations and improvements that would boost its growth. During its first two years they implemented some changes, however, it is in 2024 when they want to revolutionise the sport definitively. A clear example of this is the new calendar or the arrival of Red Bull, but they are not the only ones. Among the main novelties of Premier Padel for 2024 highlights the agreement with MejorSet to be the “Official Court” of the competition.

MejorSet, official court of Premier Padel

MejorSet, official court of Premier Padel

As both parties have announced, MejorSet becomes the “Official Court” of Premier Padel from 2024 to 2026. Thus, the reference circuit of professional padel comes together with the leader in the manufacture of courts.

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Drybreak, ropa de pádel con tecnología anti-sudor
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Drybreak, ropa de pádel con tecnología anti-sudor

The Spanish company, based in Crevillente (Alicante), has 20 years of experience in the construction and installation of this type of structures. On the other hand, it is part of a large group such as LeDap. Premier Padel wanted to bet on the reliability and quality that MejorSet ensures, which is a big step for them. This has been recognized by Cecilia Corsini, CEO of the company from Alicante: “We are delighted to join forces with Premier Padel as Official Padel Court. Our new model not only brings innovation and superior quality, but also reflects our shared values of excellence and global growth“.

This agreement is having an impact on the tournaments of the Qatari circuit and in the last P1 of Saudi Arabia we could already see the best rackets in the world competing on the three outdoor courts that were installed in Riyahd. This week have also been in the Doha event, the first Major of the season.

However, it is not the only place where MejorSet is present, and they have a clear commitment to the United States. In fact, the company will be present at RacketX, a fair to be held from 24 to 26 March in Miami where there will be an official court of Premier Padel and that will undoubtedly help the growth of the sport in this area.

As well, MejorSet is currently immersed in the construction of a padel club that will have 29 padel courts in Miami and will be called Ultra Padel Club. This sports centre will be the largest in this Florida city and one of the largest in the world (with so many courts in one club).

How are the MejorSet courts in Premier Padel?

How are the MejorSet courts in Premier Padel?

Both parties have agreed that they are courts that improve the experience for the player and the fan, but what are the new features they include and why they are so special.

In terms of design, it is clear that they have opted for exclusivity. The Premier Padel logo and colours are very present in every detail, which enhances the fact that they are limited editions with serial numbering. With black and gold as the main protagonists, we see something very elegant and eye-catching, where the best matches in the world will be played.

They are Full Panoramic courts, which guarantee maximum visibility thanks to the 12mm tempered glass. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor tournaments and can withstand extreme conditions, such as winds up to 120 km/h. In addition, they can be both fixed and portable. As for the grass, it is still from Mondo, but it is a new exclusive range for Premier Padel called Super Court x3, a novelty that comes from the recent agreement reached between the company and the circuit until 2026.


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In addition, it has a top quality structure and protectors at the entrances to ensure the health of the players in their exits from the court.

Innovations to improve safety

Innovations to improve safety

MejorSet has presented two great innovations for its courts in order to keep improving its product.

The first one is the implementation of the Shock Lock, a hydraulic compression system invented by the company from Alicante. It has already been seen on the match broadcasts and it is a great advance for padel courts all over the world.

Its function is to extend the life of the structure and prevent players from injuries. It achieves this thanks to the absorption of impacts with the railing, which reduces vibrations in the event of a blow. This is a situation that occurs regularly in matches and being able to maintain the safety of the court and the player is great news.

The second novelty is related to lighting and MejorSet has incorporated for its Premier Padel courts an exclusive design for the spotlights. They are lanterns that imitate the shape of a half padel racket and that culminate in eight 200W linear LED spotlights.

All in all, a top quality court accredited by the FIP that Eno Polo, CEO of Premier Padel, is delighted with: “We want to reach new fans and markets, and a fully panoramic court, which offers a high quality viewing experience while ensuring complete player protection, helps us achieve our ambition and grow the sport globally through new and exciting innovations“.

So when we see the world’s best players walk out the door without hitting each other or crashing into the railing without it vibrating too much, all with maximum visibility and illumination, we will know it is a result of this agreement between Premier Padel and MejorSet.

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