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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
- Publicidad -
adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

Fernando Belasteguín and Wilson accompany his farewell with the new Bela v2.5 collection

This season will be the last in which a legend of professional padel will delight with his game to the fans of this sport. Fernando Belasteguín, ‘El Boss’, will hang up the racket at the end of the year and will do so, as it could not be otherwise, by the hand of Wilson, specifically with the Bela v2.5 collection.

His 30-year career deserves a farewell and recognition in a big way and the brand that has accompanied him for so long has taken care of everything. From Wilson, to continue doing so during this special year for the player, has launched the new Bela v2.5 collection.

From Wilson, to continue doing so during this special year for the player, has launched the new Bela v2.5 collection.
Photo: Wilson

Wilson and Bela say goodbye with their new collection

The new project consists of three new padel rackets: the Bela Pro v2.5, the Bela Elite v2.5 and the Bela LT v2.5. All of them have been co-designed to celebrate the player’s memorable legacy and created with those players in mind who are looking for a balance between attack and defense.

This collection offers an optimal wide hitting point and features Bela’s own signature on its face, as well as a significant detail on the handle string that reads the phrase “A Belasteguín never gives up”.


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Bela Pro v2.5

Of the three new rackets, the queen is undoubtedly the Wilson Bela Pro v2.5 as it is the one that the player himself will use. It is ideal for advanced players who want to define the point and have more explosiveness in attack.

It should be noted that this racket has been designed with the help of Belasteguín and uses cutting-edge technology to offer maximum performance. This racket has an improved sweet spot and offers a consistent feel. Also, its frame is integrated with a firm EVA foam and Primero Carbon, so it provides a combination of power and responsiveness.

Bela Pro v2.5

Bela Elite v2.5

As Wilson’s purpose with the launch of this collection is to approach all those padel players, it has added to the series two complementary rackets that can be adapted to different levels and styles of play.

One of them is the Wilson Bela Elite v2.5. It is a racket quite similar to the previous one, but this one has some outstanding modifications. Both share a design in which the red color stands out, although in this case it has woven carbon fibers that are strategically superimposed on a core of soft EVA foam.

In this way, the racket provides comfortable and effortless power and, in addition, it also provides extra control and a slightly wider sweet spot than the other model.

Bela LT v2.5

With a white design as the main color tone, the Wilson Bela LT v2.5 is the softest racket in the range. It has been specifically designed to be arm-friendly and combines a Soft EVA foam core with a woven carbon fiber layer on the face.

Thanks to these features it offers a cushioned and comfortable power in each stroke and a greater feeling of playability. Something of relevance in this racket is precisely that white color that we have mentioned and that predominates in its aesthetics.

The presentation of the new Wilson and Bela collection

Of course, the occasion deserved it and both the brand and the player organized, last April 6, an exclusive event for padel fans to celebrate the launch of the latest Wilson Bela v2.5 padel collection and the collaboration between the two.

It took place at Cisalfa, a Wilson partner store in Rome. There, padel lovers were able to meet Belasteguín and get his new racket signed by himself. In addition, the first to arrive received some gifts.

During the event, Fernando Belasteguín said he was “delighted to feel the excitement of the padel fans at this event and to share the new rackets with them“. “I am very happy to be able to contribute my experience to bring to the market the best high performance products together with Wilson. Especially this year, which is my last year in the circuit“, he added.

Foto: Wilson

Finally, Iñaki Cabrera, global commercial director of the padel department at Wilson, highlighted that they are “proud” to continue their “long collaboration with Bela, proud to present the next evolution of this fruitful partnership, the Bela v2.5 series“. “These products, co-designed by the most versatile strategist in the history of padel, have been created to enhance the experience of padel players at any level“, he finished explaining regarding the new collection.

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