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Para nosotros es importante contar la experiencia de profesionales y expertos que quieran compartir sus conocimientos y contenidos de calidad. Si tienes experiencia en el mundo del pádel y quieres redactar artículos en la web sigue leyendo. ¡Colaborar en Padel Addict puede impulsarte como autor y darte a conocer!

Would you like to collaborate with Padel Addict?

For us it is important to have the experience of professionals and experts who want to share their knowledge and quality content. If you have experience in the world of padel and you want to write articles for the website, keep reading, collaborating in Padel Addict can boost you as an author and make you known!

Requisitos de los artículos

Article requirements

Requisitos del artículo

Editorial staff

Articles should be at least 600 words long and free of spelling mistakes. Paragraphs should not be too long and subheadings should be included between paragraphs.


The article or report should include good resolution photos with the source of the photos.


The article or report must not have been previously published on another website to avoid duplication of the same content.

Benefits of collaboration

Making yourself known

If you are a professional in the world of padel, you like writing and you want to make yourself known, you can collaborate with us. Padel Addict received more than 5 million page views in 2022.

Visibility in RRSS

Your name will appear in our social media posts every time you publish an article. We currently have more than 200,000 followers.

Attending events

If you collaborate regularly you will be able to attend important events such as World Padel Tour tournaments or press conferences of brands and/or players. Padel Addict regularly receives invitations to exclusive events.

Publicise your business

All the articles you write will display information about the author and their business as well as links to your social media profiles or website. A fantastic way to reach more people.


As a regular collaborator to the website you will receive gifts such as sports shirts. The more you contribute, the better and bigger the rewards you will receive.

Discounts on padel equipment

As a regular collaborator of the website you will get interesting additional discounts on sports equipment as we have closed agreements with online shops.

Own space on the website

Once you write 5 articles on the website as a contributor, you will have your own page within Padel Addict! In addition, your name will appear in the contributors section, in one of the menus of the website.

Financial rewards

If you are already a regular writer (more than 5 articles published) and your publications receive many visits, you can earn income. Through Google Analytics we can find out how successful your article is.

Some of our collaborators

They are the fresh touch of the web, professionals or padel players who provide intangible value through their knowledge and work.

Algunos de nuestros colaboradores

Son el toque fresco de la web, profesionales o jugadores de pádel que aportan un valor intangible mediante su conocimientos y trabajos.

Fran Alameda

Padel instructor and player, passionate and full time analyst. I teach at Pádel Málaga Indoor. Graduate in Journalism and budding apprentice in Psychology.

Alejandro Nuñez (Entrena tu cabeza)

Social Worker and Expert in Sports Coaching. He is passionate about the world of sport. He has a fundamental objective as a Sports Coach: To accompany people related to the world of sport to find their maximum sporting and personal performance.

Alejandro Nuñez (Entrena tu cabeza)

Trabajador Social y Experto en Coaching Deportivo. Le apasiona el mundo del deporte. Tiene un objetivo fundamental como Coach Deportivo: Acompañar a las personas relacionadas con el mundo del deporte a encontrar su máximo rendimiento deportivo y personal.

Últimos artículos de nuestros colaboradores

Latest articles by our contributors

Do you want to collaborate with Padel Addict?

If you are an instructor, physical trainer, nutritionist, physiotherapist or professional in the world of padel and you want to collaborate with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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