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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
- Publicidad -
adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

This is the new Varlion Premium range for 2024

Varlion has been one of the leading brands in the world of padel for many years and for 2024 it has launched its new Premium range with which it will continue to maintain that status in the market.

The Swiss brand has been one of the latest to present new models for this season, but after months of intrigue, they have finally released their new range of rackets. “It’s never too late” Varlion says.

Since its creation in 1993 they have always sought to be at the forefront and with this Premium range that they have presented, they intend to continue improving the quality of their catalogue. It is a collection that is on pre-sale and, on the occasion of this launch, all those who buy one of these rackets before March 20 will get an Ambassardors backpack for free.

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Drybreak, ropa de pádel con tecnología anti-sudor
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Drybreak, ropa de pádel con tecnología anti-sudor

The new rackets of Varlion’s Premium range for 2024

The new rackets of Varlion's Premium range for 2024

Varlion has presented 6 different models in its new Premium range. These are the highest quality rackets with the best technologies. Each one has different characteristics, adapted to each player’s style.

In addition, Varlion offers the possibility of choosing between several weight ranges to find the ideal point of each one. There are also two variants for each model, those with S (summer) rubber, harder for temperatures above 25º, and W (winter) rubber, softer for temperatures below 25º.

From there, we have three diamond-shaped rackets, two teardrop-shaped rackets and one round-shaped racket.

BOURNE: power rackets

Bourne Summum Prisma Radio
Bourne Summum Prisma Radio

Within the collection, there are three models that are designed to get the most out of the aerial game. Ideal for aggressive players looking to boost the offensive phase.

The BOURNE Summum Prisma Radio (with Radio technology), the BOURNE Summum Airflow Cooper and the BOURNE Summum Prisma Airflow are the three rackets that fall within these characteristics. All with a medium-high balance and designed to maximise power shots. The main differences between them are to be found in the materials.

MAXIMA: hybrid rackets

Maxima Summum Prisma Radio
Maxima Summum Prisma Radio

For those who do not want to sacrifice anything in their game, there are two rackets with a hybrid shape that stand out for their versatility. Ideal for all-round players who don’t want to be pigeonholed into one style.

Here we find the MAXIMA Summum Prisma Radio and the MAXIMA Summum Prisma Airflow. Here the main difference, apart from the materials, is that the first one has a medium-low balance to improve manageability and the second one has a medium-high balance to increase power.

LW: control rackets

LW Summum Prisma Airflow
LW Summum Prisma Airflow

Finally, the only racket with a round format. Because in padel it’s not all about power, the most important thing is precision and thinking. For those players who like defence and good control, this is an ideal racket.

The LW Summum Prisma Airflow is an option with a lot of handling, but without neglecting power. Thanks to its hard feel (especially in the S version), you can take advantage of aerial shots. However, its main function is to offer the player maximum comfort. For this reason, it has a large sweet spot and a low balance.

Varlion technologies for 2024

Varlion technologies for 2024

The brand has continued to focus on high-performance innovations that have been successful in previous years. All technologies require improvement and enhancement, and Varlion has done so in this new range of rackets as well as in the others that will be released soon. In addition, manufacturing in Spain allows Varlion to achieve high standards in innovation and quality in their products, something very difficult to achieve in brands that manufacture abroad.

Thus, within its technologies, Radio is the most differential and that gives that leap in quality to the rackets BOURNE and MAXIMA mentioned above. This consists of perforating the holes before placing the product in the mould. The objective here is to improve the resistance. To make the rackets more durable, they also incorporate the Prisma frame to avoid impact damage. Its aerodynamic shape improves wind resistance by 10%.

Although if we talk about aerodynamics, what is most striking is the Airflow system, which are the elongated holes on the side of the faces. The Slice technology also stands out, which makes Varlion rackets have one of the most marked and effective roughness on the market. These are lines in both directions (to also favour left-handed players) made directly on the resin and which allow for more spin on the ball.

Finally, it is worth mentioning Summum, which is the combination of three characteristics of the Varlion rackets. The first of these is the significantly longer handle than usual. 14.5 cm which allows for increased power in the definition shots thanks to the ‘leverage effect’. In this handle we also find the Handsafety, which prevents the racket’s string from coming loose. Then we have a wider hitting surface, which increases control. Finally, the unique design of the diffuser improves manoeuvrability.

Prices and where to buy

Prices and where to buy

All these products are available on the official Varlion website and in physical and online partner shops, where you can take advantage of the promotion with a free backpack.

As for prices, they are around 400 €. While the Radius versions (Bourne and Maxima) cost €445, the rest are at €405.

However, if you join Club Varlion, the brand’s loyalty system, you can get up to 20% discount on the padel rackets.

In addition, Varlion has announced that these are not the only products for 2024, as on April 1st they will present new products that will complete this collection. So for lovers of this brand, we will have to be attentive to the next releases.

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