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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
- Publicidad -
adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

Who are the players taking part in the second edition of the Pro Padel League?

The Pro Padel League is the professional padel circuit in the United States, Mexico and Canada. It is a team competition that started in 2023 and has definitely exploded in 2024 as one of the most attractive tournaments for spectators.

Miami is hosting its first date of the season, and we will be able to see many of the best players in the world on the court. The aim is to expand the sport in North America with a groundbreaking format and innovative couples that will attract fans from all over the world.

Teams and players of the Pro Padel League

Miami Padel Club: two number ones to win everything

Which players play in the Miami Padel Clubs of the Pro Padel League?

Miami Padel Club is one of the favourites to win the competition due to the amount of talent it has gathered in its ranks. However, there are two names that stand out above the rest. One is Agustin Tapia and the other is Ari Sanchez. Two of the best professionals in the world (if not the best) who will try to lead the team to victory.

In addition to these two, there is another figure such as Jon Sanz who could play a leading role. To complete the ranks: Marta Talaván, José Arizpe, Rubén Rivera, Mateo Coles, Adriá Mercadal, Nuria Rodríguez and Paloma Cortina.

New York Atlantics: among the favourites

Which players play in the New York Atlantics of the Pro Padel League?

The team led by Juan Martin Diaz has a lot of very powerful names, forming one of the most complete line-ups.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest attractions will be to see Paquito Navarro again alongside Fede Chingotto. Also Tamara Icardo with Delfi Brea. In addition, many other top names such as Virginia Riera, Andrea Ustero, Lucas Campagnolo, Nico Agritelley and Ramiro Moyano.

Houston Volts: youth to power

Which players play in the Houston Volts of the Pro Padel League?

The Houston Volts stand out for one thing: youth. As their name suggests, they are committed to the dynamism, speed and daring of the most promising padel players.

Some of its members are already stars of the sport, such as Claudia Jensen or Claudia Fernández. However, others are still building their way towards becoming one of the best couples in the world. This is the case of Fran Guerrero, Iván Ramírez, Lorena Rufo, Álex Chozas and Pablo García. They are starting to play in the final rounds, but they still haven’t established themselves in the top and will want to show their full potential in the Pro Padel League.

The line-up is completed by Matias Segura, Vinny Di Francesco and Marta Caparros.

Arkansas Matrix: the underdogs

Some have opted to sign the stars of the sport, however, Arkansas Matrix has opted for another strategy. They have selected proven players with many years in the elite of professional padel and have mixed it with some young talents full of energy.

The most outstanding is Gonzalo Rubio, who along with Cata Tenorio and Patty Llaguno will look to lead the team. They are joined by Iñigo Jofre, Mario del Castillo, Egle Petrauskaite, Lucía Pérez, Araceli Martínez and Charlie Moon.

Cancun Waves: from Mexico to the world

While the Houston-based team opted for youth, the Cancun Waves have done the opposite. Veteran players who put all their experience on the court to lead the Mexican team to victory.

Sanyo Gutierrez and Alejandra Salazar are the great leaders. As well as these two legends, there are other very charismatic figures in the team such as Carolina Navarro, Agustín ‘El Loco’ Torre and Vero Virseda.

The line-up is completed by Ana María Cabrejas, Juan Manuel Arganaras, Teo Zapata, Anna Cortiles, Enrique Goenaga, Manuel José Fernández and Salva Oria.

Las Vegas Smash: the reigning champions

Las Vegas Smash was the team that won the title in the first edition of the Pro Padel League. In 2024 they will try to revalidate the crown with several top players.

A number one among their ranks stands out above the rest as is Marta Ortega. At her side, one of the biggest promises in the world, Pablo Cardona. Likewise but in the women’s circuit, Alejandra Alonso, who together with Gonzalo Alfonso, star of A1 Padel, form a dream quartet.

To complete the team: ‘Guga’ Vázquez, Pablo Padilla, Barbara Las Heras, Tia Norton, Nacho Vilariño, Pablo Francisco Amora Hernández and Ana Paula de la Pena Rosas.

Los Ángeles Beat: a guaranteed spectacle

There are teams that stand out for their youth, talent and veteran status, but in the case of the Los Angeles Beat there is one thing that stands out above all else: entertainment. In that sense, they have one of the most entertaining players to watch in Tolito Aguirre.

Along with the Argentinian, other professionals with a dream wrist like Javi Leal, Álex Ruiz or Jessica Castelló. In addition, other top names such as Agustín Gómez Silingo, Carolina Orsi, Jordana Lujan and Luis Alejandro Estrada.

Not forgetting of course a great legend who returns to the courts, such as Eli Amatriaín.

Flowrida GOATS: past and present with Daddy Yankee

The Puerto Rican singer has pulled out all the stops with this truly great team. The leader of the Flowrida GOATS has entered the world of padel with a dream line-up that includes several former number ones and some of the fittest players in the world.

The success will come from the veteran Pablo Lima, who returns to pick up a racket after his retirement last year at the World Padel Tour Madrid Master. Alongside him, Mapi Sanchez Alayeto and Gemma Triay on the women’s side.

Next to these padel legends, Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno. The ‘Superpibes’ are a quality insurance on a padel court. To finish, Aranza Osoro, Víctor Ruiz, Pablo Lijó and Nico Clerc.

San Diego Stingrays: with Lamperti to the end

If other teams presented incredible names to attract the spectator’s attention, there is a player who is characterised by being the most charismatic and loved throughout all these years. That is Miguel Lamperti, who along with his silver hair lands in the United States to conquer a new territory.

He won’t do it alone, as he will have the help of other great professionals such as Maxi Sanchez, Lucia Sainz and Carmen Goenaga.

The team is completed by Marta Morga, Óscar Matías Almada, Brittany Dubins, Louie Harris, Jacobo Blanco and Sebastián Castañeda.

Toronto Polar Bears: the Canadian team in search of conquest

From the cold of Canada comes the Polar Bears team, who have signed several Spanish players to win the Pro Padel League.

To start building the team, the solidity of Coki Nieto, who along with Javier Gonzalez Barahona and Pincho Fernandez will try to surprise. On the women’s side, Victoria Iglesias and Marina Guinart are the leaders.

The rest are Noemi Aguilar, Daniela Ruiz, Jesús Bandres and Raúl Ruiz.

Once you know all the players taking part in the Pro Padel League, which team do you think will win?

How to follow the Pro Padel League?

The Pro Padel League website will publish the live results and rankings of this competition.

In addition, you will be able to watch the matches in streaming from its YouTube channel and some platforms such as DAZN, FOX or Claro Sports.

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