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Así son las nuevas palas de Ale Galán, Marta Ortega y Álex Ruiz: las PRO-EDT Series
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Así son las nuevas palas de Ale Galán, Marta Ortega y Álex Ruiz: las PRO-EDT Series

These are the new padel couples that have been formed for 2024!

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Like every preseason, there are projects that come to an end and others that begin. After the Master Final, many players began to move and the puzzle that makes up the couples of the men’s and women’s circuit has finally been completed.

In the case of the boys, the continuity of Lebron and Galan has conditioned the rest of the couples when it comes to making decisions. Even so, there have been many changes and novelties that will give a lot to talk about.

As for the women’s circuit, the first three couples will remain together for 2024, but, of the rest of the players, there have been some who have opted to start this season with different partners.

New couples for the 2024 season

Men’s circuit

Federico Chingotto and Momo González

Momo González y Fede Chingotto are one of the new couples for the 2024 season.

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We all thought, including Paquito Navarro, that the player of Olavarria would play with Alejandro Galan, in what promised to be a pairing for the fight for the number one. However, the player from Madrid decided to continue with Juan Lebron and Chingotto had to look for an alternative. So, after all kinds of rumours, it will be Momo Gonzalez who will share court with Fede.

The player from Malaga came from playing with Javi Garrido, moving to the right. However, he hasn’t felt completely comfortable in that position, so he will return to his natural position alongside Chingotto.

Sanyo Gutiérrez and Paquito Navarro

A pesar de haber jugado juntos en el pasado, Paquito Navarro y Sanyo Gutiérrez son una de las nuevas parejas confirmadas para 2024

Version 2.0 of one of the best couples in history. For two seasons, in 2016 and 2017, they formed an incredible duo. They were able to stand up to Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima in their prime, although it was after their split when both became number one.

They are players with character, who even had problems on and off the court. However, it seems that they have left behind everything that distanced them to find common goals and get back together in 2024. In Paquito’s case, because he needed a more decisive and punching player, as he himself has confirmed. Sanyo, because he wanted to play with a top player again after these months with his nephew.

Sanyo Gutierrez and Paquito Navarro promise to be a couple that will give a lot of spectacle in the 20×10 and with which we will have to be attentive to the microphones of the benches.

Javi Garrido and Mike Yanguas

Mike Yanguas y Javi Garrido, una unión que promete sorpresas

As Momo will go on to play with Chingotto, Javi Garrido was once again free. The Cordoba player is one of the players who has had more partners in recent times and has almost always been affected by changes of couples. In this case, ‘Metralleta’ has been fortunate to find Mike Yanguas, who will not continue with Fernando Belasteguín.

Both are young, with a lot of potential and hungry for victories, so we will have to follow closely this duo, which will give a lot of war.

Fernando Belasteguín and Lucho Capra

Fernando Belasteguín y Lucho Capra formarán pareja en 2024

The ‘Boss’ faces his last season as a professional, as he himself has confirmed, and he will do it with a new partner. After a failed project with Sanyo Gutierrez, he bet on Mike Yanguas and, although they didn’t manage to win any tournaments, they played at a very good level for many matches. However, Bela wanted to go back to what has always worked for him: having a left-hander by his side. After the success achieved with Juan Martin Diaz, Pablo Lima or Arturo Coello, the player from Pehuajo wanted to return to that style with Lucho Capra. The talented Argentinean had been Maxi Sanchez’s partner and now he will have the opportunity to share the court with another legend of the sport.

How well they can perform is unknown, but if they are in good shape, they will give a lot to talk about.

Maxi Sánchez and Gonzalo Rubio

Maxi Sánchez y Gonzalo Rubio unen fuerzas para la próxima temporada

With the confirmation of the couple Lucho-Bela, the one who was left free was Maxi Sanchez, but the ‘Shark’ has also recently announced his new partner, Gonzalo Rubio.

After several unsuccessful projects, Maxi always ended up teaming up with Lucho Capra, but both players have broken up again in search of better results. However, the Argentine backhand has wanted to continue with his partner’s profile and will form a duo with Gonzalo Rubio. The player from Seville is very similar to Lucho, being a solid left-hander with many resources. Gonzalo, who has been one of the big surprises of 2023, has the opportunity to take the definitive step among the best couples alongside Maxi.

Lucas Campagnolo and Agustín Gutiérrez

Lucas Campagnolo y Agustín Gutiérrez son una de las últimas nuevas parejas formadas en el circuito masculino

It was a long wait, but we finally got to know the union of Lucas Campagnolo and Agustin Gutierrez. The Brazilian player and the Argentinean will be looking to establish themselves in the top ranking and will focus their project on three fundamental pillars: work, effort and fight. Values that both players highlighted on social networks when sharing the news of their partnership. This determined approach reflects the team’s commitment to overcome challenges and maximise their performance in the coming season.

Pincho Fernández and Juan Cruz Belluati

Pincho Fernández y Juan Cruz Belluati prometen ilusión y esfuerzo para 2024

Another couple that has been confirmed is that of Pincho Fernández and Belluati. The player from Extremadura has broken up with Gonzalo Ruiz and continues to bet on left-handed players as partners. In this case, the chosen one is Belluati, who comes from quite irregular seasons in terms of performance. If they manage to find their best level, it will be a duo that will be very difficult to beat and that will surely give some surprises in any tournaments.

Women’s tour

Alejandra Salazar and Tamara Icardo

Alejandra Salazar and Tamara Icardo form one of the new couples for the 2024 season.

The most successful player in history has been going through difficult times in recent months, but with this new project, she has the opportunity to return to the top.

After being number one in 2022 and getting injured in 2023, she saw how Gemma Triay bet on another partner, so Alejandra made the decision to play with Sofia Araujo. Although they have been at a good level, it wasn’t a duo that would fight for the number one spot, something that could change with Tamara Icardo. The young Valencian showed her enormous talent alongside Delfi Brea and Virginia Riera, and now she could make the definitive leap to fight for all the titles alongside Salazar. A couple that aims to aspire to the throne of world padel this coming season.

Sofía Araujo and Virginia Riera

Sofía Araujo y Virginia Riera son una de las nuevas parejas formadas en el circuito femenino

Sofia Araujo and Virginia Riera will give each other a second chance after playing together in 2020. Sofia comes from being one of the biggest surprises of the season, competing at a high level and beating the best of the circuit. Along with great partners like Marta Ortega and Alejandra Salazar, she has shown that she has the potential to give a lot of fight to the top couples. In the case of Virginia, she has also been showing a great game alongside Tamara Icardo, so she will try to continue her success alongside Sofia.

An experienced player capable of controlling the pace of the match, alongside another more explosive player with the ability to finish points. All this under the watchful eye of Seba Nerone from the bench. A formula that tends to work very well and will probably get great results.

Jessica Castelló and Claudia Jensen

¡Jessica Castelló y Claudia Jensen vuelven a unir sus caminos!

The two great revelations of last season, Jessica Castelló and Claudia Jensen, come together again to continue surprising the world.

Claudia Jensen is, at just 18 years of age, one of the best players in the world and still has plenty of room for improvement. She is a star project that could explode at any moment and fight for the number one spot. As for Jessica Castelló, little can be said about a player who has amazed everyone in 2023. If they continue on this path and achieve the consistency that they lacked in their first stage, they will put the top ranked pairings in serious trouble.

Vero Virseda and Aranza Osoro

Vero Virseda and Aranza Osoro form one of the new couples for the 2024 season.

Last but not least, another couple that can give a lot of fight. Both Vero Virseda and Aranza Osoro have had a strange and complicated season, but both finished the year at a great level. Vero, with the reward of reaching the Master Final and Aranza, being a finalist in Barcelona.

After having been with many teammates, they start a project that can give great results. They are two very dangerous players that, if they are able to get along well and make the most of their game, they could be fighting for semifinals and finals with assiduity.

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