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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

Maintenance of padel court’s glass: Everything you need to know

When it comes to padel court’s glass, maintenance absolutely cannot take a back seat. This, while not particularly elaborate and complex, should always be kept monitored to ensure the safety of players and padel club goers while avoiding the risk of unpleasant accidents that, as history teaches us, can sometimes happen.

How to carry out a good maintenance of the glass of a padel court?

In the following article we will outline all the steps to perform it in the best possible way focusing also on latest innovations in this regard

The first mainly concerns the cleaning of the glass in order to ensure that the padel court always looks perfect and tidy as well as perfect visibility for spectators.

It should be carried out using specific glass cleaners and a dampened cloth or glass puller and should be done at least once a week depending on the location where the padel courts are located (certainly out-door padel courts will require more frequent cleaning).

Another aspect that falls under routine maintenance concerns the condensation that can form on padel court glass in particularly humid conditions. This, in addition to hindering visibility, makes the bounce on the glass slower as the ball will tend to slide down through the droplets of condensation that will have formed on the glass. Again, it will suffice to dry the glass with a cloth or glass puller before the start of the game.

How to carry out a good maintenance of the glass of a padel court?

Let’s move on to extraordinary maintenance, the most important one in order to ensure the safety of the players by warding off possible breakage of the glass of the padel court.

This consists of two main steps. Checking the fasteners and checking the condition of the silicone.

On checking the fasteners, it is essential to periodically make sure that all screws are tightened properly and do not cause the glass to vibrate or oscillate too much, which otherwise could touch each other as a result of a player’s impact and cause a breakage.

On the state of the silicone, it is also necessary here to check at least once a month that the silicone layer is in the right thickness to allow the glasses not to touch each other, intervening with new silicone if it has worn too much.

Of course, should you notice any of these problems, it is important to temporarily close the court and intervene as soon as possible.

Are there safer solutions for padel court glass?

Absolutely. At NXPadel, manufacturers of Fiberglass padel courts who have always been committed to innovating this sector through solutions that can bring new benefits to all stakeholders in this industry, launched just last year their own idea of 100 percent safe glass.

It’s called ComfortGlass and, already present in several fields around the world, it has completely revolutionized the way padel court glass is conceived. ComfortGlass, in fact, is made of a special acrylic compound that is perfectly transparent and super elastic, making glass indestructible for the first time.

But how is ComfortGlass maintained?

Like traditional glass, ComfortGlass also requires weekly cleaning, which, in this case, does not require specific products for glass, but is done by simply using clean water and a cloth or glass puller.

Again by means of a cloth and water it will be possible to remove any marks left by the impact of rackets, while in the case of more pronounced scratches (although rare, since it is designed to be scratch-proof) it will be enough to apply a special paste that will make them disappear completely.

Al igual que el vidrio tradicional, ComfortGlass también requiere una limpieza semanal

As far as extraordinary maintenance is concerned, ComfortGlass requires very few screws to be attached to the structure, as a result, their condition can be checked more easily and quickly.

Although there is no possibility of breakage, thanks to its composition, it is still advisable, even for ComfortGlass to check that the layer of silicone, where it is necessary, is sufficient to allow the glass panel to flex in the correct way to best cushion any impact without touching the neighboring panel.

Now, you can’t go wrong anymore! Underestimating padel court glass maintenance by focusing only on the artificial turf or structure can prove to be a serious mistake. Remember that all components of the padel court need to be constantly monitored so that they continue to provide a high level of performance over time. To this, we add that also paying attention to the innovations the market to offer, such as ComfortGlass, can definitely give you an edge!

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