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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

Wilson Bela Pro v2.5, a legendary racket

One of the most coveted rackets year after year is the one used by the best player in history, Fernando Belasteguín. The player from Pehuajó is an example in the 20×10 and that is why many fans buy the most iconic product of one of the most important referents of this sport. The Bela Pro v2 was a success in both sales and sensations and for that reason Wilson wanted to give it a facelift in order to continue offering its consumers the highest quality on the court. Thus was born the Wilson Bela Pro v2.5, the racket that will accompany the ‘Boss’ in his last year as a professional.

Review of the Wilson Bela Pro v2.5

A renewed and improved racket

The v2 is a fantastic racket, but you can always improve things and that is what they have done in Wilson. The first thing has been a renovation at the aesthetic level, changing some details in this model.

The predominant color is still red, but now the ‘W’ of the American brand is in black, with the rest of the details in white. A design that continues to stand out for its elegance and 100% Bela personality.

In terms of functional changes, the absence of the Zipcord, Wilson’s string change system, stands out at first glance. This simplifies the handle area, making it more comfortable. In addition, it includes small notches that improve comfort in the grip.

Where they have put a lot of effort is in durability, thanks to the new C2 Tubular construction, which ensures a uniform tubular thickness improving resistance. Also note that the product now includes a transparent protector at the top to protect against impacts and scratches.

Features of Wilson Bela Pro v2.5

Features of Bela Pro v2.5

In terms of functionality, it maintains the same philosophy as its predecessor. Starting with its format, which is the same and gives the racket an offensive predominance. Thanks to its diamond shape and a balance of 26.5cm, it focuses on maximizing power in attacking shots. In addition, due to its hard touch (Firm EVA and Primero Carbon rubber), it has a great reactivity when in contact with the ball. This racket will help the player a lot when it comes to making vipers, deep trays or auctions, with which to carry the weight of the match. Also to block or accelerate hits at the net.

However, that does not mean that it leaves control aside, as it is the key to Bela’s game. The hole pattern makes the feel uniform across the entire face of the racket, with a fairly good sweet spot that has already improved in the second version compared to the first. Coupled with a predictable response thanks to the feel, they make it possible to maintain consistency thanks to the great control it offers, just like Belasteguín himself.

In defense it also responds well due to its good manageability. Its balance bets for the attack, but it is not too high, but rather medium-high. The weight is 370g, which makes it a versatile option, without being too heavy or too light. Consequently, it moves well in all areas of the court.

Finally, another detail that gives a plus of quality is the rough on the faces, which allows better control of the effects. So with this racket there are no more excuses when it comes to get the best version in every game.

Details to match the ‘Boss

The most special detail is found on the strap. On a black background, you can see the phrase "A Belasteguín never gives up" that has accompanied the Argentine player throughout his career

One thing that does not change is the overwhelming personality that the Bela Pro v2.5 has. In the case of other top players in the world, they have standard rackets that they use in their matches and adopt as their own. However, in this case it is a racket made in the image and likeness of Fernando Belasteguín. From the color to the smallest detail, the philosophy of the legend from Pehuajó can be felt.

Its signature is present in several areas. On the side it appears visibly with a white color that stands out against the red background. Also in small, next to the ‘W’ of Wilson. Another curiosity is that the drawing of the rough of the faces is the ‘A’ of his signature, which shows that the design of this racket is taken care of to the millimeter.

However, the most special detail is found on the strap. On a black background, you can see the phrase “A Belasteguín never gives up” that has accompanied the Argentine player throughout his career. Something that has also been added to the other two models in the collection.

From Bela to the world

This racket is designed for Bela to get his best level in the last year of his professional career. However, it can also be the best ally for many players.

Of course, for the biggest fans of the ‘Boss’ is a must. A true tribute to his figure through a racket that mixes functionality and design.

Due to its characteristics, it can be adapted to players with an advanced level who can make the most of its possibilities. The feel and balance do not make it ideal for beginners, who will find other better options in the Wilson catalog. However, those more experienced players who like a firm feel and who want a very complete racket that will help them make offensive shots will find a great product.

It is currently priced at €340 on the brand’s website, with the possibility of being paid in instalments. In addition, it is part of a large collection that offers several alternatives with different features, such as the LT or Elite version.

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