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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

Favourites sweep Qatar Major finals!

Atypical Friday in padel because today both finals of the second tournament of the season were held. The first Major category event was won by the favourite pairings in two relatively straightforward matches for both pairings. Not even the two big surprises were enough to face the best pairings of the week. Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría in the women’s category and Agustín Tapia and Arturo Coello in the men’s category were the winners of the Qatar Major 2024.

How were the Qatar Major finals?

The number ones give a blow on the table

The number ones give a blow on the table
Photo: Premier Padel

A new season and many candidates to snatch the world padel throne from the leaders of the ranking, but Ari and Paula have started making their intentions clear: they want to win it all again. They already proved it in Saudi Arabia by lifting the P1 Riyahd trophy and they have done the same in Doha, where they have taken the final of the Qatar Major.

Up against them was a duo making their debut, Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernandez. The 18 year old from Madrid was in her first final after playing at a magnificent level during the previous rounds. Despite the great start, the young drive was not able to culminate her great week. However, she leaves the feeling that this will be the first of many finals for her.

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Drybreak, ropa de pádel con tecnología anti-sudor
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Drybreak, ropa de pádel con tecnología anti-sudor

The opening games were really even, with both pairings being able to break their opponents’ serves. However, the veteran and solidity of the pair tipped the balance. Paula and Ari were growing in the match and thanks to hold their last two serves put the 6-3 on the scoreboard.

The second set was completely different. The Catalonian and the player from Extremadura started to activate the ‘sweeping mode’ that characterizes them, being able to finish points more easily. Gemma and Claudia couldn’t cope with that extra gear and ended up losing 6-1.


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Game, set and match for a couple that seems to have no rival at the moment. Plenty of victories for them and a clear message to the circuit. Claudia and Gemma didn’t have any options, but they leave very good sensations for the next tournaments, where they could repeat the feat and try to make things more complicated for the ones.

A hurricane called Coello and Tapia

A hurricane called Coello and Tapia
Photo: Premier Padel

The men’s final had to be delayed for a while due to the weather. Drops started to fall in Doha and the protagonists couldn’t play until it stopped. Once it stopped raining, they were able to jump on court and there Garrido and Yanguas were hit by a downpour.

Coello and Tapia were a hurricane that the Andalusians could not cope with. They needed less than an hour to win their first trophy of the season and to become, after the separation of Lebrón and Galán, the number one couple in the FIP ranking.

After losing in the final of the P1 in Saudi Arabia, Arturo and Agustin arrived to the Qatar Major with the desire to vindicate themselves. Alejandro and Juan’s defeat in the last sixteen deprived them of revenge, but instead, they had their executioners in front of them, with whom they showed no mercy. The first set was a walkover for them. They didn’t concede a single game to Javi and Mike. The second continued along the same lines, but finally Garrido and Yanguas found a better feeling so they didn’t go home empty-handed.

Tras caer en la final en el P1 de Arabia Saudí, Arturo y Agustín llegaban a Doha con ganas de reivindicarse. La derrota de Alejandro y Juan en octavos les privó de una venganza, pero en cambio, tuvieron en frente a sus verdugos, con quienes no tuvieron piedad. El primer set fue un paseo para ellos. Ni un solo juego concedieron y le hicieron un ‘rosco’ a Javi y Mike. El segundo seguía por la misma línea, pero finalmente Garrido y Yanguas encontraron mejores sensaciones para no irse de vacío a su casa.

A 6-0/6-2 that makes Tapia and Coello the winners of the first Major of the season. They have shown a very similar version to the one they had at the beginning of last year. Arturo as determinant as ever and without having so many unforced errors and Tapia, remembering Sanyo’s words yesterday on the benches, as if he was Messi. Two real great players against whom nothing can be done when they are inspired.


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As for the players from Malaga and Cordoba, they didn’t know how to adapt to the new court conditions. After the rain, the ball was heavier and the atmosphere was more humid, which caused them to make many more mistakes. Little to do with those who won with authority to the ‘Superpibes’ and Lebron-Galan, but they can leave Qatar with their heads held high after completing a great tournament. Let’s hope to see this version of both of them more often and that they can fight for everything in the next dates.

Next stop: the P1 in Acapulco, Mexico, where everyone will have to wipe the slate clean to continue to reap success this season.

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