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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

Tecnifibre Tour Endurance Padel: perfect balance between backpack and padel bag

Tour Endurance Padel is a Tecnifibre product that combines the advantages of a backpack with those of a padel bag, and is ideal for storing everything you need to go equipped for every match.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, such as the review of the Wall Master 370 or the review of the Wall Breaker 375, Tecnifibre is betting a lot on padel. After establishing themselves as a reference brand in squash and tennis, they are looking to establish themselves in this sport as well. Their products are starting to be seen more and more in clubs and little by little they will become one of the most important padel brands.

On this occasion we are going to talk about this great paddle rack, which has a structure and materials of the highest quality, making it one of the best options on the market.

What is the Tecnifibre Tour Endurance Padel like?

Balance between backpack and padel bag

There is a problem with conventional padel bags and that is that they are often too big and difficult to carry. In addition, the position in which they have to be carried makes them very uncomfortable. As for the backpacks, they do have that ergonomics that is missing in the paddle bags, but they are lacking in capacity. Their size and design prevent the player from taking everything they need to a match and this ends up being counterproductive in terms of increasing comfort.

Tecnifibre analysed this problem and have come up with this hybrid between a backpack and a paddle bag, which mixes both concepts to get the best of each. It is a backpack, but it has the capacity of a padel bag so that capacity is not a problem. In fact, thanks to its compartments, any accessory will fit in this Tecnifibre Tour Endurance Padel.

Capacity for everything in a compact space

The ideal word for this padel bag is: balance. If it were too big, it wouldn’t be as comfortable and if it were too small, it wouldn’t have as much capacity. That’s why it has the ideal compartments to carry everything you need.

It has two large pockets on each side, where you can store two rackets in each. If you don’t have that many, you can also use them to carry other things. Then there is a large central pocket which is where all your belongings would go. Everything fits in there. From balls, to clothes, trainers, toiletries, etc. There is also a small space for mobile phone, wallet or keys that is just behind the opening of the central compartment, which makes these personal items are well hidden and protected. Finally, there is a small pocket at the top to put everything that does not fit in the above-mentioned compartments. In addition, with a composition that makes the product always stand upright so that all the pockets can be easily accessed.

In short, a backpack with the capacity of a padel bag, which has the necessary spaces to carry everything in a compact way.

Top quality materials

It could not be a high-end padel bag if, despite the innovation in the concept, it had low quality materials. That is why the French company has chosen to dress this product in its best clothes.

To begin with, it has the characteristics of the Tour Endurance range, which makes it extremely resistant. It is prepared as if it were for the ATP tennis circuit, so it has the best materials to withstand any kind of conditions. The canvas is waterproof and unbreakable, so its durability is assured. Plus, the carrying straps are padded with shock-absorbing pads.

Technical description

The Tecnifibre Tour Endurance Padel, which is part of the Tour Endurance range, measures 33x60x29cm. Its composition is 80% PVC and the remaining 20% polyester. In addition, as we have mentioned, it has four compartments, with two of them designed to carry up to four rackets.

La Tour Endurance Padel de Tecnifibre, que se encuentra dentro de la gama Tour Endurance, presenta unas medidas de 33x60x29cm

Its great strength, apart from the balance between capacity and ergonomics, is its resistance and durability. This makes it a top of the range backpack/padel bag, capable of withstanding long days of padel and extreme conditions.

Price and where to buy

You can get this Tour Endurance Padel on the official Tecnifibre website. It is priced at 89,99 €, which makes the shipping costs free. To buy, you can click here and go directly to the product.

In addition, on the French brand’s website there are other padel products, such as the rackets from the Wall Master range, the Wall Breacker range, balls and textiles.

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