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Así son las nuevas palas de Ale Galán, Marta Ortega y Álex Ruiz: las PRO-EDT Series
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Así son las nuevas palas de Ale Galán, Marta Ortega y Álex Ruiz: las PRO-EDT Series

PUMA launches its SS23 padel collection!

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PadelPROShop, your favourite padel shop
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PadelPROShop, your favourite padel shop

The German brand PUMA returned to padel last season and since then it has not stopped betting on this sport for its growth.

Thanks to the success of the 2022 FASTER PADEL collection, PUMA wanted to offer new padel rackets and new materials for the lovers of this brand.

Thanks to the quality of the products they have released, they have established themselves as one of the reference brands. More and more players are encouraged to trust them when buying an item in their shop to accompany them in each of their matches.

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While we can talk about PUMA as a sports giant, re-entering a market as complicated as padel is a challenge. Despite its proven image over the years, there could be doubts about its commitment to this comeback. However, after a successful year, there are few who doubt the value of its products.

Even so, PUMA is not satisfied and shows a lot of ambition when presenting this new collection, wanting to become the number one brand in the world of padel.

New professional players join the project

New professional players join the project

In 2022 there could still be some distrustful people who did not want to join PUMA for fear of the beginnings, but it can be seen that there are less and less of them and the brand has increased the number of ambassadors for the new season.

Specifically, there are two who have joined the project: Toni Bueno and Marc Quílez. Both are in a sweet moment of their career and in the top 50 of the World Padel Tour ranking. In fact, in this new stage they have already achieved a great result. In the event held in Abu Dhabi that kicked off the campaign, they reached the last sixteen, in what could be the first step towards a successful path for this pairing with PUMA.

The range of ambassadors of the sports brand closes then with six members, among which we find figures of the stature of ‘Momo’ González, Victoria Iglesias, Marco Cassetta and Xènia Clasca.

A collection for everyone

There are companies in the market that only think about advanced players. However, PUMA wanted to follow a philosophy of offering products adapted to all levels and needs. Thus, within its SS23 collection you can find all kinds of articles aimed at both the most experienced players and those who want to continue improving. All with the aim of squeezing the most out of each player’s performance so that they can enjoy themselves on the court.


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A renewed and improved range of padel rackets.

The rackets were very surprising in 2022 and this 2023 come with the intention of continuing to leave everyone speechless.

The designs have been renewed both aesthetically and functionally, because although the initial performance was good, there are always things to improve.

This range can be differentiated by four different levels adapted, as we said before, to the needs of all players. ATTACK, BLINK, COURT and SMASH are the names of each of the levels that PUMA manages.


They are two of the rackets that surprised the most in 2022 and many experts have pointed them out as some of the best options on the market. Not only for their performance, but also for their value for money.

Especially the CTR version, which attracted attention for its round shape and ease of play. However, many could not believe the power it still had, as ‘Momo’ has been able to demonstrate on numerous occasions.

This 2023 comes with a more teardrop shape to give it more balance and continue adding power to a racket that was not short of it either. In addition, an additional control bar has been incorporated to provide greater comfort and support.

As for what already worked, it has been maintained. The core is still soft and the racket is very manageable.

The PWR has also been slightly modified in order to improve its performance. So, we still have a racket aimed at advanced and professional players looking for more power in their shots.

With a 12K frame and double tubular, the racket has great reactivity and firmness due to the minimised torsion. Its graphite face also provides the extra control needed to combine the force of the ball with perfect precision when hitting. And there’s no need to worry about vibrations either, thanks to the Kevlar inserts on both sides of the shaft. Nevertheless, it is still the most technical racket of the entire brand.


One step below is the BLINK line, for players who want to get the best out of their game with rackets that are powerful but easy to handle.

These rackets are based on one word: versatility. With them, the user will be able to solve any situation without major problems and the product will offer what is necessary at all times.

Both share some features with the SolarATTACK, such as the carbon fibre frame with double tubular and Kevlar inserts. These BLINK versions are also very agile and fast to make them easy to use for all types of players.

In terms of this range, there are two different models. Although both products are very versatile, the PWR version is slightly more focused on power and the CTR on control.

The main differences are in the hardness of the core and the shape, the first being harder and tear-shaped and the second softer and rounder.


The SolarCOURT range is aimed at intermediate players. These models seek to be able to adapt to all levels and situations being very balanced rackets.

It has a lot of control, without losing power thanks to its fibreglass frame that provides comfort and responsiveness. In addition, its sweet spot helps to hit the ball in the right way to enjoy the game more.

Its mould distributes the weight towards the centre, making it also very agile and manageable.

SolarCOURT for women

PUMA has been very successful with the female public. Many players have opted for the rackets of the German brand and have been very satisfied with their performance. For this reason, the company has not forgotten those who also want to enjoy the sport with a product of the same quality and performance, but with a lighter weight adapted to their needs.

Thus, PUMA fulfils its objective of offering a collection designed for everyone.


Pala de pádel SolarSMASH de PUMA

Finally, the SolarSMASH, designed for beginner players. Because padel is a sport in which more and more people are taking up the sport, we also have to offer products for them. Getting started is never easy, but getting started with a rackets that are easy to use and handle and with which you can perfect each stroke is always better.

That is SolarSMASH, a model with which to enjoy and improve at the same time. Thanks to its round shape, hitting surface and sweet spot, you will learn to play better without so much effort. In addition, the softness of its core makes it a highly recommended racket for those looking for a soft and comfortable impact.

In addition, following the line of the SolarCOURT, PUMA has also released a version for the youngest players with a smaller profile and a lower weight.

Comfortable, safe and lightweight footwear

Footwear was also one of PUMA’s great successes in 2022, so they wanted to continue with that and offer something new for this new season.

Calzado cómodo, seguro y ligero de PUMA

Players will be able to fly on the court thanks to the characteristic speed of the German brand. Performance and undisputed quality will be present in the three differentiated ranges for each type of player.

To start with, we have the jewel in the crown: the solarATTACK. A model for professionals with the best of the best in materials and technologies. With WEBCAGE that guarantees more support in the midfoot area and PROFOAM for better cushioning and comfort. The outsole also incorporates a specific groove pattern to make all turns safely and quickly.

In the mid-range we find the solarCOURT, which also offer great quality. With EVA rubber in the midsole, you will have a very comfortable and reactive footprint to perform well on the court, as well as great support to avoid unwanted injuries.

An intermediate shoe with quality details on par with the best on the market, such as synthetic leather overlays and mesh inserts.

Last but not least, a product that proved to be a hit with the German brand: the PUMA solarSMASH entry-level shoe. Its design dazzled men, women and youngsters alike, making it a top seller in the entire market.

This year it returns with its most characteristic qualities, such as the durable synthetic leather, the PUMA-exclusive lightweight EVA midsole and the outsole with an ideal pattern for any kind of turn. An entry-level shoe with excellent performance for everyone.

Extended and renewed textile range

Gama textil ampliada y renovada de PUMA

When it comes to winning, it’s better to win in style. PUMA has expanded its apparel collection with new styles and designs to turn heads on the court.

PUMA’s apparel for this season expands the number of garments and accessories for men and women, with new models and designs, including T-shirts made from 100% recycled materials and other models with cotton that comes from farms that practice sustainable agriculture, as a further step towards a better future.

With the best breathability and comfort, PUMA has launched numerous T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, trousers and shorts. All in the colours yellow fast, team light blue, PUMA black, PUMA white, PUMA navy and PUMA red.

As for women, they will have at their disposal products designed specifically for their needs. With skirts, dresses, leggings, T-shirts and sweatshirts with the perfect fit. All also in the colours fast yellow, PUMA black, PUMA white, ravish and PUMA navy.

En cuanto a las mujeres, tendrán a su disposición productos diseñados específicamente para sus necesidades.

Last but not least, the highest quality accessories to make sure you have everything you need for the 20×10. From socks, caps and wristbands, to the new solarATTACK paddle bag, with everything you need to take everything to the court. In addition, this paddle bag has the latest materials and great comfort so you can carry it as a bag or backpack. But not only that, but also a solarBLINK backpack with large compartments to be well equipped.

La nueva colección de PUMA PÁDEL 2023 está ya disponible en las principales tiendas multimarca, en tiendas PUMA y en la página web de PUMA.

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