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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

The Padel Trend Expo will return to Milan from 19 to 21 January 2024

The second edition of the Padel Trend Expo, the first major event in Italy dedicated entirely to padel, will take place from 19 to 21 January 2024.

The success of padel in Italy is constant, and in the first quarter of this year has continued to grow, reaching today about 3,000 clubs and 7,700 courts scattered throughout the country and more than 1 million practitioners.

A first edition that was a great succ

What happened in January in Milan during the “premiere” of the Padel Trend Expo was truly extraordinary. A 3-day event at a frenetic pace, just a stone’s throw from the CityLife district, with a very full programme (entertainment, shopping, tournaments and congresses) in which 18,000 people participated.

What happened in January in Milan during the "premiere" of the Padel Trend Expo was truly extraordinary

Of all the participants, more than 2,000 went down to the pitch, at the organisers’ expense, on the 6 courts set up for the occasion in the beautiful MiCo pavilion. There, they had the chance to take part in the numerous courses given by top international coaches such as Martin Echegaray, Marcela Ferrari, Maxi Castellote and Gustavo Spector, as well as being able to try out the new rackets collections made available by the many important brands present at the fair.

Organised by Next Group, an integrated communication group, in collaboration with the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation and the sponsorship of the City of Milan, the “fair” was attended by more than 100 exhibitors. The event attracted many visitors, who were able to see in action and even play with world champions and international professionals of the calibre of Martin di Nenno, Miguel Yanguas, Gonzalo Rubio, Mati Diaz, Veronica Virseda, Jessica Castello, Luca Bergamini or Tolito Aguirre (with his spectacular plays), Juan Restivo, Alvaro Montiel, and many others.

Not to be missed, of course, were the ex-players (Candela, de Biagio, Maini, Locatelli, Amoruso, Panucci, Adani, Toni, Fiore and Giannichedda) who, captained by Bobo Vieri and his Italy Padel Tour tournament, faced hundreds of people who filled the stands.

The event was also an important showcase for the B2B sector, generating a volume of business in the 3 days – between closed contracts, open negotiations and potential interested parties to further deepen later – estimated at more than 10 million euros.

The second edition of the Padel Trend Expo will be even more international

The edition that will take place at the beginning of 2024, will have an even more international character, precisely to reinforce the presence of buyers coming also from some new areas, where padel is particularly developing, such as the United States, the Middle East, China and the United Kingdom.

We are pleased to announce that the second edition of our event dedicated to padel is about to arrive and after the great success of this year, we are ready to return with many new features and original surprises. The date to mark in the diary is 19-21 January 2024, still at the MiCo in Milan, to once again provide another unforgettable experience for all fans of this sport, which promises to be even more exciting, richer and more fun” – said Marco Jannarelli, President of Next Group.

The Padel Trend Expo “zero” issue was an extraordinary event, with many valuable contents, which immediately gave great credibility to our format. We are convinced that, thanks to our constant commitment, this event will grow exponentially in the coming years, becoming more and more important on an international, social and sporting level and, from next year, also winking at the sport-related tourism sector. Padel can become an incredible opportunity to promote the territory and the economy in general, accelerating emotions combined with entertainment. Get ready for another three unmissable days in which you can live an even more fascinating experience” – these are the words of Luigi Spera, General Manager of Padel Trend Expo.

If you want to know more about Padel Trend Expo you can visit their website.

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