HEAD Padel launches new recyclable ball tubes to continue protecting the environment

HEAD, in its firm commitment to producing sustainable sporting goods, has just placed new fully-recyclable paddle ball tubes on the market. By doing so, our new padel cans offer players a more environmentally-friendly option without compromising on quality or performance.

The new HEAD padel ball tubes are like this

The new tubes of balls, including the HEAD Padel Pro and HEAD Padel Pro S models, are now available in shops and at clubs. These tubes are more sustainable, as they feature (fully-recyclable) PET plastic as their main material, a shorter label and reduced ink usage in their packaging. In fact, their tennis counterparts were launched a year ago for the enjoyment of all tennis fans and they have been fantastically received.

The new tubes of balls, including the HEAD Padel Pro and HEAD Padel Pro S models, are now available in shops and at clubs

“We’ve made the decision to use polypropylene (PP) in our covers, which is an environmentally-friendly material that can be fully recycled,” says Mauro Pinaffo, Senior Global Product Manager Balls & Accessories at HEAD. He adds: ”The new packaging design uses less ink, making it easier to reuse the material for other products”.

This means that all ball models in the HEAD padel catalogue are now available in the new sustainable tubes, from balls for professional players, such as the very well-known HEAD PADEL PRO and HEAD PADEL PRO S models, to HEAD PADEL ONE for intermediate and advanced players and, lastly, HEAD PADEL TEAM, intended for club players.

According to Simon Brenneis himself, Global Business Manager Footwear & Balls at HEAD:In our opinion, the cans are now not only easier to recycle, but also much more appealing to the wide range of padel players. We believe that the new visual differentiation between HEAD Padel Pro (silver) and HEAD Padel Pro S (gold) will help consumers remember and find their favourite HEAD ball”.

Even with a different material composition, the new padel ball tubes still guarantee optimal ball pressure — balls have not been modified to ensure the same performance. According to Mauro Pinaffo: “At HEAD, product performance is fundamental and, consequently, our balls have not undergone any changes. They remain the same, but with better and more sustainable packaging”.

This re-design of new ball tubes is part of the HEAD Rethink sustainability initiative

This re-design of new ball tubes is part of the HEAD Rethink sustainability initiative, which aims to improve the sporting performance of all HEAD products whilst minimising their environmental impact. HEAD’s pillars of sustainability include the design of new, more sustainable packaging, R&D into new materials and production processes, use of renewable energy and development of products using recycled materials.

Prices of the new ball tubes and where to buy them

Here are the prices of the new HEAD 3-ball tubes of padel balls:

Product Price
HEAD ONE €6.50
HEAD PRO £8.00
HEAD PRO £8.00

The new padel ball tubes are now available on the official HEAD website.

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