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Así son las nuevas palas de Ale Galán, Marta Ortega y Álex Ruiz: las PRO-EDT Series
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Así son las nuevas palas de Ale Galán, Marta Ortega y Álex Ruiz: las PRO-EDT Series

Glass: the most dangerous part of the padel court. Which one to choose to play safely?

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PadelPROShop, your favourite padel shop
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PadelPROShop, your favourite padel shop

The choice of glass in padel courts is crucial to club making, so be well informed about which to choose and which to avoid.

The use of glass in padel courts is a very modern solution: the first courts made in South America were simple concrete pours. Why did we therefore come to use glass?

The answer is very simple: television! In order to be broadcast live on television and facilitate filming, tournaments, and media, a transparent solution was chosen, and the “simplest” one was glass.

Effectively, however, the use of glass has no added value to the padel court, players or clubs, only possible safety management issues.

Let’s see together what glass is used to date in the padel world:

  • 10mm tempered glass: the cheapest and least safe solution. This is 10mm monolithic glass that is used exclusively with standard padel courts.
  • 12mm tempered glass: 12mm monolithic glass that provides more safety for the club and players and can be used with both standard, panoramic, and super-panoramic glass.
  • 6+6mm laminated (or laminated) glass: the only variation currently existing to tempered, consisting of 2 pieces of 6mm glass joined by a thin adhesive film. Used on all types of courts.

What glass is used to date in the padel world?

These 3 solutions follow the regulations issued by FIP, but they have pros and especially cons!

Tempered 10mm is the most dangerous and at the same time the cheapest solution; it is easily subject to breakage and fragmentation even in standard courts. There have been several accidents in the past due to explosion upon impact.

Tempered 12mm is a safer and obviously more expensive alternative that can be prone to breakage and explosion, but with a lower risk rate.

Laminate, on the other hand, is characterized by the fact that although the inner glass breaks in the court, the outer glass should support its weight and fall. Unfortunately, this is not always the case since it could cut the inner sheet and turn into a guillotine; it is also the most expensive solution.

In short, how can you make a 100% safe padel court without giving up the transparent and design aesthetics of glass? With ComfortGlass.

Comfortglass, la nueva tecnología propuesta y promovida por NXPadel

ComfortGlass is the new technology proposed and promoted by NXPadel, an Italian manufacturer of fiberglass padel courts, which not only revolutionizes the court structure, but also comes to the market with the ComfortGlass solution. But what is it?

A “synthetic glass” made of a special anti-uv and scratch-resistant acrylic material designed and studied by the Italian company to solve the problems of glass.

In addition to weighing less than half as much (thus being a boon for installers and optimizing transportation), it is virtually indestructible, both from blows from play and vandalism.

Comfortglass is virtually indestructible

The great elasticity also allows players not to be hurt when they impact the walls, but to be “absorbed.”

In addition, thanks to NXPadel’s studies, ball bounce is the same as standard glass and visibility is identical.

ComfortGlass represents an extreme revolution for the padel court industry and for club safety.

On the market, to date, there is no other solution comparable to ComfortGlass! Not only is it extremely safer for clubs and players, but it is a solution that also makes life easier for technicians in the field. Installers are facilitated to the extreme and distributors can optimize transportation costs like never before; just think that in a Truck it is possible to load 7 complete courts with ComfortGlass” – NXPadel CEO Nicola Ceresoli emphasizes.

ComfortGlass represents an extreme revolution for the padel court industry and for club safety.

The situation is very clear! If you do not want to give up the aesthetics of glass, but only the problems it causes, the choice is simple. I personally recommend not to limit the budget when it comes to court glass. It is much better to invest a little more at the beginning of the project than to endanger your clients and then have to fix future problems!“, comments Ceresoli.


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