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Así son las nuevas palas de Ale Galán, Marta Ortega y Álex Ruiz: las PRO-EDT Series
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Así son las nuevas palas de Ale Galán, Marta Ortega y Álex Ruiz: las PRO-EDT Series

Padel Lands brings us this list of unique and unforgettable padel courts

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PadelPROShop, your favourite padel shop

It has been a long time since in 2021 we did a review of padel courts that for one reason or another are unique. Padel is growing all over the world and as a consequence of this, new padel courts continue to emerge in places that are not very common for its practice. Land, sea and air and even inside the earth. Would you like to see a few of them? I’m sure you won’t forget them easily.

List of unique padel courts around the world


This is one of the unique and unforgettable padel courts
Photo: Holy Padel Arhhem

A few months ago in this same medium you could see a padel court in a church. It was Holy Padel Arhhem (in the Netherlands) and the images of that space were really spectacular. Not only for hosting a padel tennis court, but because the church itself was most striking.

But for the most faithful of these reports it was not a novelty, even if it was the most striking. Already in Sweden, Värmekyrkan Padel had a court in a disused church (you can link to that report as well).

Värmekyrkan Padel (Photo: padeldirekt.se)
Värmekyrkan Padel (Photo: padeldirekt.se)


When we think of caves, we think of cave paintings, stalactites, or those ancient times when our ancestors wore skins. In Sweden, they made sure that when we think of a cave we can identify it with padel tennis. Aren’t you curious about playing in a cave? It is near Stockholm and is called Cave Padel.

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Cave Padel
Foto: cavepadel.se


By now it is nothing new to see padel courts on rooftops, but not all of them are the same. And above all, not all of them are installed in the center of the roof and you can enter and exit through the two entrances. In fact, some of them are partly or entirely fixed on a support under which there is nothing. Just look at the track at the Student Experience residence in Granada (Spain) or the track at the Parque Residencial Vidalta in Mexico.



To the courts near the pyramids of Giza of the World Padel Tour exhibition, have been added those that a few dates ago we saw very close to the Eiffel Tower. All a success on the part of Padel Sport Events for the Betclic Remontada Padel event.

Pista de pádel en los pies de la Torre Eiffel


The snow is no stranger to padel, although it can not be said that the weather conditions are not conducive to the game. Even so we have seen exhibitions and even tournaments, but recently we have seen the first tournament on ski slopes. It was in the resort of Prato Nevoso, in Italy, and the event was the Winter Head Padel 2000 mt.


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Una publicación compartida de Padel Lands (@padellands)

In the water

Fixed. There are already several examples of tracks that have been built on water, but that doesn’t mean they are the most spectacular and eye-catching. Anyone would say otherwise when seeing the track for a Cupra promotional event with car included in the Club las Encinas de Boadilla in Spain, the tracks of the TV Booskop in the Netherlands and even the idea of Panko Concept in Finland to locate a track next to a sauna, although this has not yet been implemented. However, as an idea it is very original.


Both in Sweden and Kuwait we have seen courts that sailed in a river in the case of STHLM Padel in Sweden and in the sea in the case of Pano Padel in Kuwait. It is obvious that you can not play outside of them, but the important thing is the originality and the unique experience that you can or could live.


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Una publicación compartida de Pano Padel Academy (@panopadel)

On a small island

A situation we don’t know anywhere else in the world: Finland, a small piece of land… and two padel courts! There are even moments where it is surrounded by ice. Do you know anything like it? It is Perdel Padel and although it is not quite an island because there is a minimal connection with the mainland, Perensaari is very special.

Dos pistas de pádel en una pequeña isla de Finlandia
Foto: pereensaarensauna.fi

Inside a large office building

We’ve seen tracks on the roofs of big buildings and tracks are still being built at those heights, but in Chile they built tracks… inside the building! And they looked really good. Any of you can try this experience at Padel Sanhattan.

Padel will continue to reach new places and will make many people fall in love with it in the coming years. Surely there will be original ideas to install courts, and we will tell you about them in future articles. From this list of unique padel courts, which one surprises you the most?

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