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Así son las nuevas palas de Ale Galán, Marta Ortega y Álex Ruiz: las PRO-EDT Series
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Así son las nuevas palas de Ale Galán, Marta Ortega y Álex Ruiz: las PRO-EDT Series

Ale Galán – Fede Chingotto and Ari Sánchez – Paula Josemaría win Mar del Plata P1

This Sunday we were able to know the winners of the Mar del Plata P1, inexplicably the only Premier Padel event in Argentina. And not only in the last day, but in all of them, the Argentinean public has responded to the event. In sporting terms, Ale Galan and Fede Chingotto returned to the top of the podium, as did Paula Josemaria and Ari Sanchez.

These were the winners of the Mar del Plata P1!

Chingalan wins again

After losing last week to Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia in Asuncion, Ale Galan and Fede Chingotto have taken revenge in Argentina and have been proclaimed winners of the Mar del Plata P1.

Chingalan have shown that they will never give up. Not just in yesterday’s final, but throughout the season. The number 2 couple have reached every final since they joined forces to play in Puerto Cabello, which shows their consistency. But they have also shown that they are going to be a constant headache for the number 1’s and that if they want to keep the lead in the FIP ranking they are going to have a hard time.

The player from Madrid and the player from Olavarria went from strength to strength in the match. Tapia and Coello took control of the court in the first set in what was a monologue from 2-2. The number 1’s closed out the first set 6-2 in 38 minutes.

However, the start of the second set was a turning point in the match. Jorge Martinez refocused the match on the bench and it worked. After an even start, Galan and Chingotto managed to improve their performance and impose their rhythm to the point of winning five consecutive games to make it 2-6 and send the match into the third.

In the last and decisive set, another great set by the couple 2 ended up dynamiting the final. Once again, another five consecutive games broke the set and helped Ale Galan and Fede Chingotto to put the final 2-6 on the scoreboard.


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With this one, Chingalán have won three titles in the five tournaments they’ve played so far in Premier Padel. In addition to Brussels and Seville, a new trophy is added with the one won in Mar del Plata.

“I have to thank Federico for the strength to believe, the team and all the people who are here. The match was going badly, he is an outstanding partner: thank you for taking me to this final,” said Galán after the win.

For his part, Chingotto can hardly speak because of the crowd’s chants: “A round of applause for Coello and Tapia, an incredible couple: with them it’s always difficult. I’m happy for the credit Ale has given me, but he was decisive for this victory. I won in front of my people, thank you for believing in me“.

Ari and Paula cut the streak of Bea and Delfi

In the women’s draw, the top two couples in the ranking also faced each other, Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría against Bea González and Delfi Brea. The number 1 pairing, who hadn’t won since Doha, broke the streak of Bea and Delfi, who reached the final with 20 consecutive victories and having won the last 4 finals.

Ari and Paula started the final dominating. A 5-0 start set off alarm bells on Bea and Delfi’s bench. The Spaniards closed out the first set 6-1 in less than 50 minutes, showing great superiority over their opponents.

Although Gonzalez and Brea improved their level in the second set, they would lose their serve in the seventh game. It was time to react. The Superpibas managed to counterbreak and got another break to take the set 7-5.

The crowd tried to cheer on their compatriot Delfi and their beloved Bea. Despite this, Ari and Paula held on until they had their chance, which would be in the ninth game, getting a decisive break that would put the final 6-4 on the scoreboard, and they would end up proclaiming themselves winners of the Mar del Plata P1.


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Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria have won their third title of the season, after Doha and Riyadh. This new victory gives them, undoubtedly, a big break. Their main rivals this season, Bea González and Delfi Brea, had won the last 4 tournaments.

“We haven’t won since Doha, we’ve often lost by details, but we’ve managed to come back,” Paula Josemaría told the cameras. For her part, Ari Sanchez said: “Winning here is unique and wonderful, thanks to Paula and all the staff who work with us. This victory makes us happy and gives us a mental boost.

Emotional tribute to Belasteguín before the finals

The men’s final was preceded by a tribute to Belasteguín, the best padel player of all time. His 16 years as number 1 are a testament to him. Premier Padel wanted to pay tribute to him so he could say goodbye to his native country, in the city where he made his professional debut in 1995.

The player from Pehuajó was accompanied by his family and, during his speech, he could not hold back his tears and the fans dedicated to him, as it could not be otherwise, chants and applause.


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Así son las nuevas palas de Ale Galán, Marta Ortega y Álex Ruiz: las PRO-EDT Series
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