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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

adidas padel returns to its origins to present the new 2024 padel rackets collection

adidas launches its new collection of padel rackets for 2024 with Galán, Ortega and Ruiz as protagonists. Among the latest releases, the innovative Cross It range and the wide variety of top-level models in the Metalbone and Adipower ranges stand out.

The adidas 2024 padel racket collection is here. The German brand’s latest collection is designed appeal to the inner self and to that place that makes you who you are. To present it, adidas accompanied Ale Galán, Marta Ortega and Álex Ruiz to the padel courts where they feel most at home.

In the case of Galán, it is the court where he discovered the sport that took him to the top. Martita shows us how every day she tries to improve herself on court. And Álex takes us to Málaga, the epicenter of his life and where it all began.

The launch was created with the aim that every player can be themselves on and off the court. The 27 new rackets that make up the collection have been created to be the perfect travel companion on every player’s padel journey.

Main novelties of the new adidas 2024 Collection

adidas presents, as the main highlight, the new Cross It range, the most aerodynamic rackets that arrive on the scene with three innovative models and manufactured to bring together precision and power. Among them is the new racket of Marta Ortega. The Metalbone and Adipower ranges break barriers with the 2024 rackets for Ale Galán and Álex Ruiz and with new models that present great features.

CROSS IT: a new way of looking at padel

CROSS IT: a new way of looking at padel

The main highlight of the new adidas 2024 collection is called Cross It. This new range of rackets comes with three models designed to master padel from a different perspective. Marta Ortega’s new racket is called Cross It Light and comes on the scene alongside the Cross It and the Cross It CTRL. All of them share three new technologies that represent innovation at its finest.

Aerodynamics comes to the fore thanks to the Dynamic Air Flow. This improvement allows a greater air flow in the heart of the racket so that the resistance is minimal. The Extra Power Grip consists of a longer grip length to gain greater stability in the most powerful shots. And the 11 Thirteen incorporates some holes of smaller diameter than usual to improve rigidity and gain in power and durability.

METALBONE hits hard

METALBONE hits hard

Metalbone’s new rackets for 2024 are born to make an impact. There are eight models in total. Among them, Ale Galán’s two rackets stand out, the Metalbone 3.3 and the Metalbone HRD+, made to maximize power to an unprecedented level. Both, like the Metalbone CTRL 3.3, have the Weight & Balance System technology to adapt the weight and balance of the racket to the needs of each match.

The range has a great new update too: the Metalbone Carbon CTRL. For all those who fell in love last year with the Metalbone Carbon, this year adidas adds its Control version.

ADIPOWER comes to everyone and everything

ADIPOWER comes to everyone and everything

The new Adipower collection focuses on taking control to the top. It features 7 models of which 6 are control rackets. The innovative Multiweight models come with the Adipower Multiweight CTRL 3.3, Alex Ruiz new racket, and the Adipower Multiweight 3.3. Both have a double structural reinforcement in the frame of the racket to offer greater durability and rigidity. In addition, they feature the Weight & Balance System technology, so that the player can modify the weight and balance of the racket.

New models in the RX and DISCOVERY range

Intermediate level players will find in the three new rackets of the RX range options perfectly adapted to their needs. The RX Red, RX Lime and RX Light models are perfect options to meet the demands of those who know the game but need comfort and ease of handling to be able to grow on court.

The new 2024 collection also includes six padel rackets for those who are taking their first steps in padel. The Drive and Match ranges offer models that are easy to master and with all the necessary features to learn how to execute all the technical aspects of the game.

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