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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
- Publicidad -
adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

NXPadel: a blend of freshness, innovation and experience for your next padel court

NXPadel, the brand new disruptive company in the panorama of padel court manufacturer aiming to drastically revolutionize the structure concept.

The new Italian court manufacturer, aiming not only to conquer the world of padel within the next 5 years, but to completely revolutionise the concept of the structures and facilities.

This is how NXPadel introduces itself, a new reality in the panorama of manufacturers, which wants to change the court sector with a unique and patented product (worldwide) that allows it to totally differentiate from the competition: Fiberglass Padel Courts®.

NXPadel: a blend of freshness, innovation and experience for your next padel court

Entering the story of NXPadel means joining the story of Luca and Nicola Ceresoli, respectively President and CEO, who told us how a boat in the Dominican Republic converted to the most disruptive company in the padel court sector.

How did NXPadel come about?

The idea of developing this solution comes from Luca Ceresoli, Inventor and Co-owner of the Patent: the technical mind behind NXPadel.

A twenty-year experience in the sports field that develops from the basics to the top: starting as an installer of sports facilities (in Bergamo, where NXPadel is based, he is called the ”Bocia”), moving on to foreman and organiser of installation teams, Luca has then embarked on entrepreneurial activity by opening and managing various sports centres: sports clubs, swimming pools, gyms,…

After years of installation, planning, management, and administration… the turning point: a fishing company in the Dominican Republic!

Perhaps a somewhat casual adventure, as Luca tells us, that, without knowing, after 10 years, it will be the basis of the birth of NXPadel

Back from the Dominican Republic, sports facilities got back in Luca’s daily life, who, during 7 years as Quality Manager and Installation Team Manager at Italgreen, begins to develop his idea: a padel court that won’t rust.

Luca and Nicola Ceresoli, respectively President and CEO of NXPadel

Its differentiation: fibreglass

After about 3 years of study, tests, and trials, the first Fiberglass court model is finally presented to the market (2020), and from there to the next 2 years around 800 units will be sold located in 16 countries. An unexpected success motivated by the innumerable advantages that accompany Fiberglass and facilitate the work of Installers and Distributors, facilitate club managers, and allow Players to Experience Padel to the Fullest.

What we experienced between June 2020 and June 2022 was not just a personal and professional satisfaction, but real fun: the possibility of exposing for hours all that Fiberglass could be for distributors and clubs, an absolute differentiation from the market that intrigued everyone, everywhere!”, adds Nicola, at the time International Project Manager for Padel.

Fiberglass advantages


But why Fiberglass? In an already strong market like padel, why start and propose a totally different solution from what is already offered on the market? A risky but calibrated operation based on an important study, not only about the market but of the subjects that makes it up.

Luca tells how precisely that ”random” experience in the Dominican Republic allowed him to understand and get to know Fiberglass, the material his fishing boats were made of: a resistant, long-lasting material that does not rust. This intuition, linked to the long experience in designing and managing clubs, was the keystone for the development of Fiberglass courts.

If I have to be honest, when I started the project, I thought that the only advantage we would get would have been rust resistance compared to iron courts, but in these 3 years we have understood, thanks to the close dialogue with the players and the clubs, that the series of benefits that our court offers are vast: superior aesthetics, playing safety, ease of installation and transport… A solution that involves all those who orbit around this sector!

After about 3 years of study, tests, and trials, the first Fiberglass court model is finally presented to the market

Their goal is to be in 50 countries in 5 years.

In mid-2022, Luca and Nicola decide to create NXPadel to drastically upset the Padel market with a very specific goal: 50 countries in 5 years!

“An ambitious goal that we feel able to achieve thanks to our team, our vision, and our unique and innovative products that guarantee objective benefits to all padel actors”, states the CEO Nicola.

Experience Padel to the Fullest” is not just the claim of NXPadel but a real mantra on which the whole vision, strategy, and mindset of one of the most interesting companies in the padel world are developed.

Now NXPadel is expanding its network of Distributors (or as Nicola prefers to define them: Partners) in different areas of the globe: France, USA, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Caribbean, South Africa, Kenya… Partners who have certainly been able to enter the world of NXPadel and understand its values.

Stay tuned here or on the NXPadel website to discover all the advantages, secrets and future goals of NXPadel!


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