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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel
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adidas padel regresa a sus orígenes para presentar la nueva colección 2024 de palas de pádel

Brussels, another territory where new couples will debut on the World Padel Tour

In professional padel it’s well known that when there are break ups, new couples are automatically generated. However, more and more often there are splits, which makes it difficult for fans to know which player goes with whom.

In recent days, there have been many announcements of splits, with the Granada Open being the latest tournament they have played. The proximity of the Brussels Open, which takes place next week, has led to the announcement this Tuesday of the new couples that have been formed.

The list of registered players for the Belgian tournament has been closed this midday. Although some new couples have been published in the last few hours, others haven’t been released yet, making it official with the closing of the list of participants for the next World Padel Tour tournament.

There are many new couples that will make their debut in Brussels, both in the men’s and women’s categories, which we’ll tell you about below!

Which are the new couples that will make their debut in Brussels?

In the men’s category

  • Sanyo Gutierrez and Momo Gonzalez: Sanyo and Bela’s split was a done deal. The player from San Luis is eager to compete, and after missing 4 tournaments, he has decided to accept the invitation that Momo Gonzalez sent him several weeks ago. They start as the number 4 seeds.
  • Fernando Belasteguin and Mike Yanguas: Given Sanyo’s decision to break the couple, the player from Pehuajo has had no choice but to look for a replacement, being Mike Yanguas the chosen one. The Argentine and the Spaniard will be the couple 7.
  • Lucho Capra and Alex Arroyo: Out of the Top 10 we find this new duo. Capra has not achieved the results he expected with Agustin Gutierrez and decides to break the couple to join Alex Arroyo, who had been playing with Pablo Cardona for 2 tournaments. They go out as couple 11 in Brussels.
  • Agustín Gutiérrez and Josete Rico: Of the couples formed, this is the one that has come full circle. Josete Rico was also left without a partner, as he, Ivan Ramirez, decided to break the couple. They start as couple 15.
  • Iván Ramírez and Pablo Cardona: They started the season getting great results and then they broke up. Cardona took the decision to start playing with Alex Arroyo and 2 tournaments later, the Valencian broke to play with Lucho Capra. As the players have commented on social networks, theirs has not been a split, but they have given themselves some time and have decided that the best thing was to return. They go out as couple 21.

Women’s category

  • Vero Virseda and Bea Caldera: The player from Toledo was playing with Bárbara Las Heras, but the serious injury of the latter has made her look for a replacement. In Granada she played with Lucia Martinez, and now in Brussels she will play with Bea Caldera. They start as couple number 10.
  • Carla Mesa and Esther Carnicero: It is not being a stable start for Mesa this 2023. After playing several tournaments with Alix Collombon, they broke up and she played the Granada tournament with Lara Arruabarena. In Brussels she will be accompanied by Esther Carnicero, who recently broke up with Lucia Martinez. They start as the 12th couple.
  • Nuria Rodríguez and Mari Carmen Villalba: Both players saw how their partners decided to break up their projects. Now, they will join their paths to look for good results. They will be the 13th couple in the tournament.
  • Carolina Navarro and Marina Guinart: The player from Malaga decided to break up with Mari Carmen Villalba after not getting the expected results and has chosen Marina Guinart, a left-handed player who can bring her other things in competition. They are the 15th couple of the tournament.
  • Lucia Martinez and Marta Barrera: Lucia Martinez, who broke up with Esther Carnicero and played the last tournament with Vero Virseda, will start playing with Marta Barrera. This is the split of “Las Martas”. They will play as couple 17.
  • Marta Caparrós and Carmen Goenaga: The last of the new couples in the top ranking are these young players, Marta Caparrós and Carmen Goenaga. They will start as couple 18.

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